The North Cape!


On Wednesday morning we left Olderdahlen heading north. We drove for a few hours, stopped in Alta for lunch, school/work and a break for a few hours, and then we drove another few hours, stopping at a rest stop along the E6 for the night.

We woke up Thursday morning to sunshine and beautiful blue water! This time we decided to get the schoolwork dome before driving, so we stayed there for a few hours, then had lunch (we were running out if dishes by then so we all ate out of one pot!) before driving the last section. Lots of beautiful views, reindeer and no trees!

We arrived at Base Camp North Camp campground in Skarsvåg, about 14km from the North Cape. We settled in, did the dishes, showered, ate and then around 8pm headed up to the North Cape. We got really lucky with the weather (and had heard that rain and wind was predicted for the next few days, so made sure we got up there on Thursday). We missed the midnight sun (when the sun never sets) by 2 weeks, but it still stayed light late and the sunset was beautiful. We stayed up there a few hours, going through the little museum, watching a movie and of course visiting the gift shop. 🙂 Around 11pm, we all decided it was time for bed. A cool experience that I think the girls will remember forever!

It’s not just about the globe, the cliffs are also gorgeous!

And some antics of playing around the area, enjoying the statues and running around. Hannah and Charlotte also brought their cameras and had a good time capturing their favorite vistas. (If I can figure out how to upload their photos, I’ll post them. It is neat to see the trip through their eyes.)

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  1. Hello.

    What a lovely post! You were lucky, because there was not fog. When we visited there, we had some. Thank you.

    Road trip to Nordkapp

    Happy and safe travels!

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