Luisa turns 5!


Yesterday, August 14th, Luisa turned 5! We tried our best to celebrate her, and she had a fun day. Her birthday has always fallen when we are either on a trip or coming home from a trip, so she’s used to a haphazard celebration. She was really excited to wake up to see her little pile of gifts! The big girls each sweetly made her a homemade gift: Olivia made her a puzzle, Charlotte made an alphabet memory game and Hannah drew and wrote a picture book. I love how thoughtful they can be! Then we picked up a few things along the way.

We had a very lazy day, spending the entire day in the camper, playing with new toys and sheltering from the wind and rain. So there was no special outing but after all the driving days, she was glad to have a chance to play uninterrupted.

I wanted to make some donuts as a cake, but had some difficulty with the first batch. The girls didn’t mind! Luisa and Hannah threw the pieces in a bowl, drizzled some frosting on top and gobbled it up. Luckily, the next two batches turned out better so we did have a “cake” to celebrate. And many thanks to family and friends who wished her happy birthday from afar!

We are so proud of our strong, independent, smart, beautiful, kind youngest daughter. She has brought so much joy, so many laughs and so much love these past five years.

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