Camp Life

the day we bought the camper (July 3, 2020)

I’ve been meaning to write a post about what camp life looks like for us, but have never complied all the photos I wanted. Then I figured I should just do what I have because I know I’ll want to look back on this later to remember how life was in our “tiny” home for the year.

As I’ve mentioned, we absolutely love the camper we found! It is used (from 2007), not too wide or too long to navigate but big enough for the six of us to feel comfortable. It was reasonably-priced and well-maintained but not too fancy; just the right level of nice. 🙂 It came with a tent/awning that we could put up for more space, but we rarely use it. We really, really wanted one before we left, but it turns out it is a bit of a pain to put up and we worry about it when it gets stormy. One of those things we thought would be so important that we never use.

The camper has a “larger” sitting area that turns into a bed for Steffen and I, and then another sleeping area with a bunk bed and then a two-person table that turns into a single bed. The girls sleep back there. There are technically only three beds, but Luisa fits nicely on the floor (on a cushion) between the bunk bed and single bed. We also brought a two-person tent and Steffen built a bed for the car, but we all sleep in the camper together. We can’t get enough of each other! 🙂 Seriously though, it is super comfortable to all sleep in the camper together and it’s easiest.

Something that we bought and are super grateful that we did is the “mover”. It’s this motor you attach to the camper wheels so you can maneuver the trailer with a remote control. It makes it so easy to get the trailer in the exact right spot. We got into some really beautiful spots thanks to that mover! And we use this little level and the two blocks often to make sure everything is *just* right.

Now a little look at the organisational systems that are really working, making it easy to keep things clean and tidy (ironically, so much better than our huge house). We each have a small bathroom bag with toothbrush, toothpaste, etc, and then I bought two of these cheap plastic bins (with handles–important!) for shower stuff. On previous camping trips, the shampoo stuff was always a pain and this works so well.

Many of the campgrounds we been to have had nice kitchens for washing there dishes, but sometimes there have been no place to wash or really scary/dirty kitchens, so having these two big (foldable) bins have been great. Generally we fill one with dirty dishes, then wash them in the sink and place them in the clean one once dry, but in a pinch one can become the sink. The girls rotate through helping with the dishes.

Each of us has 6 packing cubes (each with our own color) for clothes. That has also been a lifesaver! Then we throw them into the small cupboards above the beds throughout the camper. It’s so good we have them; others, clothes would be thrown everywhere. Then we have a large laundry basket in the one closet. Also, we bought a folding clothes line tree-thingy that is awesome! I’m usually able to find a washer and dryer at the campgrounds but this is handy for towels and the rare occasion that there is no dryer.

The girls’ each have a clear plastic bin with toys or mementos that they really wanted to bring. They also have a ton of books to share and a large box of legos. We also have a smaller plastic bin of games, but haven’t used them much. The girls spend most of their free time reading, playing legos, playing outside or listening to audio books on their iPad.

School has continued to go well, with all of us able to find space, generally speaking. Sometimes we take advantage of nice weather and work outside or go into a kitchen or some room they have at the campground to spread out, but generally the six of us are in the trailer. Steffen takes the smaller table and covers it in screens 🙂 and the girls taking turns sitting at the big table or laying in the lower bunk, depending on what they are doing. My favorite time is when I get to lay next to one of them and they read to me. Luisa usually is playing with legos during school time, though occasionally she does some academics. We just got this map of Europe to track our route which is fun!

And finally, a quick look at the car. In the back we have 6 large plastic bins, plus two smaller ones and then the pieces of the tent and a few scooters for the girls. In the car there are two small bins, one with things to do (girls choose everything–coloring books, sticker books, reading books, small puzzles, etc) and then one with snacks. Then they have water bottles and a *ton* of stuffed animals. They are all stuffy obsessed!

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