More Riga

We spent a few days exploring Riga this past week. It is about 1.5 hour drive from our campground, but worth the drive! The first time we went was Thursday and after (unsuccessfully) trying to get a part for our broken toilet, we had lunch and then Steffen worked in a cafe while the girls and I explored. We fell in love right away!

We found St. Peter’s Church and headed to the tower. The view was amazing! And then we wandered through the beautiful art exhibit they had inside. Hannah and Charlotte are getting old enough to really examine art and have opinions, which is really fun. Luisa and Olivia ran around, making me nervous for the glass sculptures, which wasn’t really fun.

Another walk through town before picking up Steffen and heading back to camp.

Then Saturday we spent the day in Riga again, which I write about in the next post. Sunday morning we drove into the city again, this time for a special experience. The girls had seen that there was a chocolate museum in Riga and asked to go. So I looked it up online and saw that they have a chocolate making class! We signed up, and we all loved it! It was just us, both in the class and as we looked through the museum afterwards. It was a real highlight of the trip so far!

Afterwards we went to the Riga Central Market, the largest in Europe, to see all the different foods and wares they are selling. It was really interesting! After some lunch it was time to head back to camp to relax and enjoy another day of sunshine and blue skies.

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