A New New Year’s Eve

We spent New Year’s Eve as (hopefully) everyone around the world did: at home, just the six of us. We had no real plans, but around 5pm I started to feel a little guilty that we weren’t doing anything special. So I thought up a few fun activities we could do, wrote them down and put them in a cup. Every hour we picked a new activity, and it ended up being really fun. The girls loved the element of surprise! The activities were: go on a night walk, have a dance party, play board games, have a fancy dinner, make donuts, do family interviews and watch a movie. Everyone really enjoyed; I think a new tradition was born!

We finished the night with the traditional German viewing of “Dinner for One”, some cheering at midnight and then bed. Everyone stayed awake until midnight! And slept in the next day. A new era in parenting!

Happy New Year and here’s hoping 2021 brings joy, hope and good health to all! It is hard for us to believe we are already halfway through this trip.

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  1. I watched “Dinner for One” here!

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